About The Herbalist

I come out of a land far far away from anything most westerners would be able to relate to. At least it was true before 1980. Here is what I looked like in 2001:

this picture was taken when I was 52years old.
I am now 64 and here is a newer picture:

There is really no boasting here, Those who know me close enough and long enough have come to ask the questions like: "why has he not changed hardly at all in all these years?" Or "What is the secret of his staying so young looking and energetic?"
This website is all about sharing the answers and "secrets" because this old man does not think so much about what he does but rather how he is the unfolding of an ancient wisdom present in every human being. Manifested more so, when humans honor the Nature of their beingness!

A good friend suggested that I should mention more about my background. In short form, High School= Abroad, Silver Star certified at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Master Herbalist Degree from Dr. Herbert Santillo School of Natural Healing, Certified Seus Chef and honor student graduate from Yavapai College in northern Arizona. . Enough said!
My way of life = My Religion = Abraham's Ways = All messengers' ways in the Unified fields of Compassion = Quantum Movements of Matter and Energy.God to me is neither vengeful and angry nor compassionate and loving, that's our stuff, God seems simply indifferent and flowing...
you put a name on this and I will happily accept it. Darwish is good! Then there is the universal me in the form of compressed basic minerals and trace elements which is even more foreign to most who see only skin deep......
These are some of the things I like:
HUMOR! Motion, Meditation, Honesty, Silence, Cooking and gardening.
I like life at its most basic. I have no "heroes" to mention here. I do however have mentors and masters of time that I follow.
I have no pride to display in form of a "flag" nor do I believe in any political system. I very strongly believe in the natural order of things, The rhythm underlying the seemingly chaotic patterns of the universe, and that there are universal sets of laws and order under which the whole of life in any form operates. These laws have been set with certain parameters which operate in Quantum Mechanics as it relates to the transference of matter and energy, therefor, I create my reality as you do yours.
I like soft colors and enjoy the mountains, play the game of chess and cook and make potions for life.
Let me share my worst nightmare:
That we should as a whole (humanity), lose this seemingly last chance we have to create and maintain our "heaven" through sheer ignorance and haughtiness. Oh! if we would only remember how the proud have fallen and how the mighty are no longer so mighty!! If we do not learn from our history, we are DOOMED!
Here are some of my hopes, dreams and wishes: 
 To all of you who care to listen, I wish you harmony and patience in all your daily works. I dream